19 Sep

>Swift High Recoil Riflescope on Airgun

Steven K. Ledin,


Well, I finally crashed my 720039 Bushnell Sportsman on my Beeman R1 air rifle. This is the scope I spoke about in the Sportsman Surgery blog. It’s been a fantastic scope for way too many shots for quite a few years. I’ll send it in under warranty for a new one, and when I get it back I’ll put it on a .22 rimfire or a lower powered airgun. Worth every penny, and I’m sorry to see it go, but the FF eyepiece started to wiggle a bit, and being a second plane scope, the reticle moved with it.

I’m putting a Swift Premier High Recoil 3-9×40 airgun scope on the gun now, and these scopes have proven themselves as good performers, even on high-recoiling spring guns. The field of view is good, the picture clear, and the target knobs offer easy and repeatable adjustments. I can only hope to have the same longevity out of this scope as I had with the Sportsman.

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