16 Oct

>Bushnell Elite 3200s for Airguns

Steven K. Ledin,


I picked up a new airgun scope for a favorite spring gun, my Beeman R1 in .20 caliber. I decided on a Bushnell Elite 3200 4-12×40 #324124A. This is a rugged, bright, and repeatable scope, marketed as going down to 10 meters for official airgun competition. Unfortunately, I found that the 10 meter parallax advertising for this scope is not true. It’s really about 12 meters, making it useless for my needs. I swapped it for another 3200, the 5-15×40 #325154T. This also has some advertising issues. This scope has tall target turrets. Nowhere is this described in the Bushnell literature, and there are no photos of it that I found. It has mildots that I can live without, but the subtension is okay, and the knobs are useful move to previously known settings for different distances or pellets. I’ll install it soon and let you know how it performs.

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