17 Apr

>Pelicans Ripped My Flesh

Steven K. Ledin,


Our annual training classes started again with Binoculars 101 taught by Jne. Great class taught by a true expert. The next class is Riflescopes 101. I have to prepare some guns and vises and tools, and cases to carry it all in. I opened my downstairs closet to choose a few cases. Fred Flintstone must’ve packed it the last time, because when I opened it some Pelicans swooped out and attacked me. I have a couple of the superb Pelican 1750 gun cases that have been on different hunts in countries and continents. I rely on them when hard use is a certainty. This year for a couple elk hunts I plan to mail them to my destinations in Idaho and Colorado. I trust UPS more than I trust baggage handlers.

Otherwise, business as usual. Been fixing a couple guns for friends. Repaired a major plumbing problem in my house. My freezer went down and I lost ALL MY GAME MEAT including my waterfowl and upland birds and my fish, including my salmon eggs for bait. I replaced the unit with a new one. There’s nothing quite like scooping up rancid semi-coagulated blood with a dustpan. On the way out the garage last week my garage door broke. Fixed it. Then my heat pump went out. Took a day off and replaced that yesterday. My good friend Daryl came in from Norway for a few days and I enjoyed some shenanigans with him. Congratulations to him and his lovely woman Turid with their first pregnancy. Volunteer food packaging at the church coming up. Fixed some solar lights for My Shirley. Smoked a big ham for Easter with all the fixin’s. Shot some guns. Lots of other stuff I’ve forgotten about in the last week or two. Sometimes my mind is like a steel sieve. Spring is finally here. Took the hog to work today for the first time this year. Ran great in the 60 degree weather. Lots more miles to come. Rubber side down, and watch for people that try to kill you.

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