02 Jul

>Night Vision Riflescope on High Standard Sentinel Revolver with Docter and Laser

Steven K. Ledin,


Sometimes a practical solution looks to be ridiculous on the surface. Case in point, my latest creation for back door coyotes. It is a handy little six inch barrelled High Standard Sentinel revolver. It’s chambered in .22 Long Rifle, and I have it sighted in at 40 yards with Remington Subsonics, one of my favorite loads. I drilled and tapped the receiver and installed a Weaver base I had laying around. It has a flat bottom, so it probably came from a Marlin lever gun or something. With the rear sight removed I have just enough length on the rail to install a night vision riflescope. In this case it’s a US Night Vision discontinued first generation D143 with external adjustments, which I like. Since it had a rail on top I installed a Docter mini red dot. Underneath I installed a Beamshot Ultra 1000 laser and a remote pressure pad attached by velcro to the gun’s grip. The remote and the mount for the laser were in my laser junk box, and I don’t know the manufacturer, but similar items are available on our website.

Since it is a night vision riflescope it must be positioned with appropriate eye relief, which is about 1.5 inches from your eye. I hold the riflescope up to my eye to shoot the gun. This favorite revolver of mine has taken tons of game over the decades I have used it, and it shoots as well as any .22 handgun I own. The scope’s reticle, the dot on the Docter, and the laser all converge at 40 yards with the subsonics. Looking through the scope, the laser dot is in the center of the reticle, and in daytime when I can’t use the scope or see the laser, the Docter is a perfect aiming device. Ridiculous looking, certainly, but extremely functional. The gun doesn’t get bounced around, so the mounting systems are plenty secure for my application. Back door song dogs, beware.

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