12 Aug

>Burris XTB Bases and XTR Rings with Docter Red Dot for Break In Procedure

Steven K. Ledin,


I’ll be using the same gun for two consecutive hunts this October, and to facilitate the swapping of the two different riflescopes I’ll be using on these hunts, I opted to use Burris XTB Weaver style bases on my new Weatherby Vanguard Sub-MOA in 300 Winchester. With the low XTR rings it’s a good fit with plenty of room for the included flip up caps with my Burris 6X 2-12×40 #201951 scope installed for the first hunt. This new scope has a 6x magnification range and no external parallax adjustment, which I don’t really care for. With my Leupold torque wrench I can easily remove the scope rings and install my Docter red dot during break in. I don’t really care how the gun shoots before that, but most places to shoot prudently require some type of sighting device for safety. I’ll also be using the Hoppes M-Pro 7 cleaning kit with a good Tipton rod for cleaning and copper removal. This is my second attempt with non-stinky hazardous chemicals for this important work. The first trial didn’t go very well. I’ll use the new biodegradable chemicals from the start for this trial. We’ll see how well they perform. I almost feel guilty for not using my tried and true methods, but technology keeps rolling along, and if you don’t roll with it you get rolled over.

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