28 Sep

>Devil Gun Groups and Yukon Spotter

Steven K. Ledin,


The Devil gun is running fine. That’s great because I was losing confidence I could get it to shoot well enough. Yesterday groups were running around an inch, with one group about .330. Plenty good for anyone, and that is with the cheaper Winchester Power Points. After upward pressure didn’t work well enough, I hogged out the stock completely with 220 grit sandpaper around a piece of conduit, then a larger piece of water pipe. The stock does not contact the barrel at all from about an inch in front of the receiver forward. I also polished the crown and cleaned the gun with regular solvents instead of the Hoppes Elite products I’ve been using. I think that helped, also. One of the testing issues has to do with cooling time after shot strings. It takes quite a while. I shoot other guns in the meantime. Yesterday was an SKS, an Egyptian Maadi AK-47, my drilling, an AR-15, and my Savage 10FP Mcmillan with an illuminated Leupold Mk IV 8.5-25×50 with the TMR reticle in Mk IV rings and bases. I also shot a friend’s Savage Mako .22 a bit.
I’ll get one more trip to the range in before I go, with the intention of chronographing the loads to determine trajectory better at long distance. I should be able to get a 200 yard zero with the opportunity to shoot 300. I really don’t shoot big game too much farther than that.

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