24 Oct

>Queasy on the Night Before the Big Bushnell Game

Steven K. Ledin,


11:30 AM Saturday, October 24th. Feels like the night before the big game.

I’m waiting in my Jeep for my shooting range to open.

I deep cleaned the Devil Gun and installed a Bushnell Elite 6500 2.5-16×42 in lapped Burris XTR rings.

I got back from my Colorado elk hunt sponsored by Burris last week and had a few days to clean up any issues at work before I leave Monday morning for another elk hunt, this time with Bushnell in Oregon.

Packing is easier this time because my gear was just proof tested on the hunt last week outside Steamboat Springs. Pretty much the same stuff to bring, with some slight modifications.

Since my Browning boots went South on me and I trashed them last hunt, I needed new ones. After three trips to stores, I bought a pair of Rocky Lynx’s, and I’ve worn them at work and while cutting my grass and today again at the range to help break them in more quickly. You need well broken in boots for the terrain on these elk hunts, but I hope to be okay. My toenail bruises are mostly gone from my last trip when my boot soles came off and I had to duct tape them back on, increasing the room in my boots, causing my toenails to push into the toe box of my boots while walking down hill. It didn’t really hurt, and the lovely dark purple color matches almost any hunting ensemble.

Ready to go. Talk to you soon.

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