16 Nov

>Bushnell Backtrack, Zebra Skin Rash and Knee Surgery

Steven K. Ledin,


One of the products I used on my last elk hunt was the Bushnell Backtrack. This personal locator/GPS is about the size of a pocket watch, and just about as easy to use. Turn it on and wait for a few satellites to triangulate your position. Set it to zero. Done. It will tell you how far and what direction to get back to the zero point. You may also set it for additional zeros, such as a road, a hunting stand, or maybe your car at the mall. This inexpensive unit could’ve saved my butt on a caribou hunt years ago when I got lost. Search and rescue, the whole deal. Great trip. Anyway, the Backtrack should last forever and get you back without that feeling that you’re lost.
Another item I used on both my elk hunts was the excellent Bushnell Legend 1200 laser rangefinder. This is my new favorite rangefinding unit. Clear, small, with 6x magnification, and the reticle is a circle, which I have come to prefer. Money well spent. Also a great Christmas gift.

Back in my Safari Synopsis blog I mentioned that I would get amorous on my zebra skin covering my guest bed. Well, I finally did. Now My Shirley has a rash on her butt, we can’t stop sneezing, and the bed smells like formaldehyde. Live and learn. Last time for that experience. Whinnying like a horse adds a nice touch, if you are ever so inclined to try this.

Knee surgery Friday from my fall in Oregon. Thought I got away with it. Damn.

Christmas time is coming, and we’re feeling the increased volume. We hope to keep earning your business…Thanks!

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