09 Dec

>Pearl Harbor Anniversary, BLACKHAWK, Leupold, and Bushnell Weather Stations

Steven K. Ledin,


December 7th, Pearl Harbor day, was the anniversary of the day I joined the Navy, thirty years ago. Dad was old Navy also. He asked if I had my flag up at home, and the answer was, “Yes, Sir!”. Of course it stays up 365 days a year. Dad was just invited to Washington, DC to tour a bunch of sites with 99 other WWII veterans. He was asked to wear a uniform if he still had one and could. He got into his dress blue top, but had to get his wife’s help getting out of it, and the pants somehow shrunk many inches since he last had them on in the 1940s. This is a curious phenomenon, and I have experienced it myself over the years. Many of my pants exhibit this same attribute of shrinking with age. I guess modern technology still hasn’t figured out how to stop this from happening.
Mike Noell and the guys from BLACKHAWK! were in the other day for a visit. Had a blast downtown after our meeting was over. Things got loud. Had fun. Good food and drink and company. I remember something about Demi Moore. I poured myself into my hotel room like a soup sandwich, and before I knew it it was time for work again. I don’t know of another business that is run as well as BLACKHAWK!, and every person I am aware of there is top quality, same as their products. Top quality people as in hire them immediately if you ever get the chance.

L3 (best known for EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights) and Electro-Optical systems (formerly known as Raytheon, Northrup Grumman, Thermal Eye, etc.) were in yesterday and we had a good meeting about new products and the night vision and thermal imaging industry as a whole.
Leupold/Redfield was in this morning and I saw the new products. This is the perfect time to reintroduce Redfield properly, not like some lame ducks that tried it before. The riflescopes are made in the US, and the marketing will be aggressively pointed not only towards Redfield with all their excellent attributes, but also against imports. Redfield will take the shooting world by storm this year, mark my words. The scopes look really great, and the prices are shockingly affordable. Buy them at OpticsPlanet within a week or two.

We just got a ton of Bushnell Weather Stations in stock. We bought a closeout, and the prices are fantastic. I’ll be buying a few for gifts this year. Take a look at them.

Hope your hunting season is going well.

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