19 Mar

>5.11 Tactical Trainers and Ballistically Erotic Projectiles

Steven K. Ledin,


My new 5.11 Tactical Trainers are superb. No break-in required. In Modesto, California last year at the 5.11 Dealer Symposium the Tactical Trainers were introduced. Turns out that at that time I was wearing a similar style of boot from an outdoor outfitter I like. I wore them on a safari in 2008 and got monkey blood on them that I never could get out. I was referred to as “Mr. Monkey Blood” by the folks from 5.11 Tactical. I have replaced those worn out things with the new 5.11 Tactical Trainers, and I won’t look back. They are light but still have great support. Metal loop eyelets and a tough abrasion resistant toe. Leather uppers with airmesh, breathable panels. The Vibram sole is a standard and a great tread pattern, and easy enough to clean. I got a pair in black as well as tundra. These are great boots for everyday wear, with plenty of comfort.

More display items being built around here. I recently got an M249 SAW in the house that I camo’d up that will be put in a showcase. The cartridge belt has every tenth bullet tip painted red with some of My Shirley’s toenail polish to look like tracers. Ballistically erotic. Projectiles have never looked so sexy.

It was our 18th wedding anniversary on the 17th, Saint Patrick’s day. Our full day started early. In the evening I made some spaghetti sauce. Afterwards, the kitchen walls looked like someone filmed a version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies there, with all the clumsy stirring and bubbling brew spurting about. What a bloodbath on our walls. Sauce turned out great, though. Shirley also wore some new “stuff” from Victoria’s Secret, and some new intoxicating perfume. I stalked her around the house following her scent upwind like a bird dog through a briar field.

Product training sessions start here on April 7th. Classes will last through November. I seem to always have so many irons in the fire I’m like an inside-out porcupine. I seem to drive motorcycles on thin planks as a matter of course.

Spring is coming. Gave us enough of a warm tease to play outside for a few days, but being in Chicago, we’re due for snow this weekend. I have many inside projects to choose from. My Shirley and Rad are busy with new projects including Radicalsrawhide.com. Have a great weekend.

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