24 Sep

>Gun Preparation for Wyoming Antelope

Steven K. Ledin,

>I’ll be revisiting an old friend for my Antelope hunt this year, a Ruger 77 rechambered for .270 Weatherby, given to me as a wedding gift from a former employer and friend. Cleaned the tube of any powder fouling with Hoppes#9, and the copper fouling with Shooter’s Choice Copper solvent. Polished the crown. Complete disassembly into major groups and lube. Polish and resealed the wooden stock. Lengthen the magazine well a few thousandths. Greased the safety. Cleaned and relubed bolt assembly. Reassembled gun with proper torque settings. Installed an older Kahles ZF84 10x scope and shot it through my Shooting Chrony. Factory loads out of the 21″ barrel give me an average of 3340 feet per second. I gave Leupold my load data and will receive a CDS dial when I get to camp somewhere in Wyoming in three days.

Lapped the factory Ruger rings and installed my new VX-3 4.5-14×40. Sighted in a bit high at 100. Screwed on my Shooter’s Ridge swivel bipod, slipped an Uncle Mikes buttstock shell carrier on the stock, and installed my Butler Creek Comfort V-Grip sling. I like this sling because it is easily adjustable with one hand, and the design and the rubber material keep it from slipping from any shoulder and any clothing material.

I’ll be bringing my Leupold RX-1000 TBR laser rangefinder, and my excellent Leupold 8.5×45 Northfork binocular.

Had a series of shots in my spine yesterday, and hopefully this will help me get through this hunt okay. I’ll be carrying my Pelican 1750 gun case, my BLACKHAWK! Blackcliff pack, and my Uncle Mike’s Wheeled Duffel bag. Lots of stuff to lug around. Leave early Monday.

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