15 Apr

OPMOD EOTech with Insight, Champion, Laser Genetics, Streamlight, Carson, ATN, Armasight, and Night Stalker

Steven K. Ledin,

The opening photo is from a Product In Focus video we did last week explaining the features of the Western Rivers Night Stalker Pro game call. This is a high end call with 8-10 hours of battery life and an amazing 250 yard range with the remote. It also comes with a moving decoy and includes 2 gigs of memory to load your own noises if one of the included 400 calls are not to your liking. The gun is my Remington R-25 .308 with an OPMOD EOTech EXPS2 and a G23 magnifier.

My Colt Comp II H-Bar usually wears this old Insight M6X. It's now under the EOTech brand. I also installed the optional LED upgrade kit. The BLACKHAWK! wire loom is what I use to route my cable, and their Low Profile rail covers are on the rest of my rails, also. They add no size, and eliminate the "cheese grater" effect the sharp edges can have on your hands.

The Champion Target Pivot Traverse Bipod is my new favorite. The 9-13 incher works well for this application. This innovative bipod lets you not only pivot, but pan horizontally, also. It is easily locked in any position via a large but unobtrusive lever.


I installed the bipod onto my rails using an excellent GG&G bipod adapter.









I've been using an awesome new product from Laser Genetics lately. It's the almost unbelievable ND-3 AR Subzero. This company is pretty new, and 5 or 6 years ago at the SHOT Show I chose them as having the most innovative and exciting product there. Since they came out they've been improving their products. The new Subzero series addresses the past issue of performance in cold weather, and I'm happy to say it is solved. This new unit exudes qualtiy, from the product itself to the semi hard case packaging. It's obvious that they really care about putting out a quality product. It comes with a remote with hook and loop tape, battery, and all other required maintenance items including an Allen wrench to adjust the light to your point of impact. The adjustable intense green beam will illuminate any target at well over 200 yards, and is a viable alternative to night vision devices. The beam is adjustable in size by turning the bezel.

Another type of light I've been using is the Streamlight TLR-1 Game Spotter. It will offer mostly the same kind of opportunities as a varmint hunter as the ND-3 will, but it is a 150 lumen LED light, not a laser. It will easily illuminate up to several hundred yards, but the beam is not adjustable. It floods the whole area with useable shooting light. There is no need to center a large, powerful beam of this type, since the area illuminated is huge. Very nice useable product, and one of the versions comes with a remote switch, but can still be activated via a rear button.

OPMOD Hybrid MSR case

I use my OPMOD Hybrid case whenever I need to carry an MSR. The 38 incher fits my .223s as well as my .308. I love the semi-rigid inserts to protect the guns. Great case, and we're currently waiting for the third generation of this case, which will be better than ever.

I've had both the Armasight Prime DC 6x and the ATN DNVM 6 digital monoculars out for testing the last couple weeks. I love digital, and it is the future of night vision. I was told that because of my enthusiasm and prodding for both companies to come out with a digital, they did it and blame me. No problem. They are superb products.

I also love the performance, price, and size of the Carson Mini Aura Night Vision Monocular. Look at the scale next to the largest bill I had in my wallet today. For a bit over a hundred dollars and smaller that a pack of smokes, you can view in complete darkness across most back yards and down streets. Amazing product.

This week last year I started chemo and radiation for stage 4 cancer. Besides a room mate who is still barely hanging on, I am the only one left alive that was on my floor of the hospital at that time. Surreal. I'm about I out of 30, and I'm not supposed to be here.

Every day is a happy day, and I hope it is for you, too!

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Steve has never not known guns. Before motorcycles, money, or girls, they have always been part of his life. He was tenured as General Manager of one of the country’s largest gun stores and ranges, a buyer in a big box sporting goods store, and is currently OpticsPlanet’s Director of Product Intelligence. He was a US Navy gunners mate, and is an NRA certified instructor in ten categories, as well as an Illinois CCW instructor. He shoots competitively and has hunted from Alaska to Africa. He thoroughly loves life with his beloved wife, Shirley, and their three wildish dogs Tinker, TranRek (pronounced “Train Wreck”), and Crash Almighty. He is a stubborn stage 4 cancer survivor not yet ready to cash in his chips.

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