04 Feb

Media Day at SHOT Show Vegas 2014

Steven K. Ledin,

Media day at SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade show) Show is always at an outdoor range the Monday before the show opens on Tuesday. We are media because of this Riflescope Blog, and Gear Expert, for which we film various videos. The above photo depicts one side of the range early Monday before it got busy. We get to go to any manufacturer's tents we care to and shoot what they have. Generally mostly new firearms are there for use.

Shot the new Benelli Ethos. Loved it. It will be proven as one of the finest modern sporting shotguns made. Reminds me of a Montefeltro, but sexier, smarter, and softer on the shoulder.

Shot the Kel-tec KSG with a Redring. Smoked the clays surprisingly easily. No thoughts, just shoot.

The fine firearm firm of Beretta always has a presence.

Threw some knives at the SOG tent.

The Bullseye camera system was great. Watch your bullet holes at 1000 yards on your monitor.

Shot the way too sexy Blauser R8 Professional Success series, Leather Edition, with a Zeiss Conquest HD5 3-15×42. The gun is wrapped in the same leather they cover Audi seats with. This one was a lefty. One of the most bespoke hunting rifles I have used. Felt so plush, I am 50 shades of unworthy.

The new 26 Nosler is stupid flat.

Like the new Mauser M-12, and the Savage BA in 338 Lapua is always a favorite. Clanged a lot of steel at 1000 yards. Smoking new 26 Nosler cartridge.

The new Redfield red dot sight, the Accelerator, promises to be a great one to be relied on. It will be out soon.

Talk about brutal badassery. The new Trijicon VCOG. The word is out that our military is looking for a 1-6 optic for the next generation of sighting systems for our soldiers. Jeez. I think you can hammer nails with this thing.

Winchester came out with a line of ammo that includes training and defensive cartridges that have the same point of impact.

The gun with the most amazing promise I shot at Media Day was the Tavor. It is truly an upgrade to the AR platform, in my opinion. It deserves to be voted the Gun of the Year, and it was. Superb. Blasphemous, but I would trade in one of my black guns for one.

My SD card fried! Hopefully I can recover the rest!



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