19 Dec

Polishing my Bone, with Remington, FLIR, and ATN

Steven K. Ledin,

I make jewelry for friends out of deer bones. I saw a Facebook thread that stated you can strip them easily with a pressure washer. Let me tell you, it doesn't work. You still have to soak them in high concentrate peroxide and strip by hand. Pressure washer hardly did anything. And by the way, don't boil them. I think it lessens the structural integrity, and the fat makes the bone a bit tawny colored.

I put a new CMC trigger in my Remington R-25. There have been instances of misfires with the .308, and I had two, both on elk. So I finally got around to putting a trigger with a stronger spring in it. This thing trips cleanly still, but with the force of a rat trap. No more misfires, that's for sure.

700 bolt

I like dry lube in my bolts and on my firing pins

A friend was having issues sighting in his 700 in .308. He had no windage left. So I installed standard 2 piece Leupold bases and fixed the problem. I also lapped his barrel, polished the crown, got the crap out of his bolt, and got the gun ready to go. He was given a high magnification Carson scope and wanted to keep it on the gun for long range use.

I've been using a FLIR ONE lately, the new thermal vision adapter for IPhone. Awesome product, and affordable! Here's some pix I took with it around the office. You can choose black and white or colors for the heat signatures.



A hot babe!

The FLIR ONE is also very useful for finding heat loss in a house, or finding downed game, where legal.

I've also been using the new ATN X-Sight. An amazing piece of equipment, and the price is right! Just about 700 bucks for the 5-18 power unit. It's a digital riflescope, so you can use it in day or night. The features are amazing. Wi-Fi, GPS tagging, speedometer, image capture, and the list goes on. Truly the next generation of digital.

Merry Christmas and God bless! Hope you and yours have a great holiday! The kids say HI!

Christmas kids!



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