27 Mar

Canik TP9SF with Strike Industries GUM Universal Optics Mount

Steven K. Ledin,



One of the best value combat pistols out there right now is the Canik TP9SF. A great pistol at a sub-$400.00 price tag that can do anything that my Glocks can do. A co-worker, Andrew, bought one with my recommendation and loves it, but wanted to install an MRD (Mini Red Dot). It is supposed to have a rear sight close to the same specs as a Glock. After a disappointing first purchase of a Glock mounting plate that was useless, we got a Strike Industries GUM mount that also has a dovetail cut for a Glock. It's their universal optics mount. It fit into the sight groove snugly with no trouble, and did not need fitting. The sight mount plate itself is one-piece and universal, and can fit a variety of MRDs. The plate has threaded and non-threaded holes placed in a variety of spots to accommodate posts to fit different sights. You choose small posts or large posts, as well as the placement of them to fit the recesses of your specific sight. It comes with a variety of small metal cylinders, or posts, that have to be pounded in as straight as possible. And I do mean pound. My wooden mallet didn't work, so I escalated to a brass hammer, which eventually traded itself for a 1/2 pound ball pein hammer with surprising velocity. One of the press-fit posts went in not perfectly straight, and I had to stone it a bit so all 4 posts popped into the recesses in the bottom of the sight.

Mounting plate

The sight plate dovetail is held in place by two small set screws, that when tightened down will protrude downwards into the bottom of the sight groove and (ideally) create enough upwards force to the dovetail to lock the mount in place and prevent any windage movement. The screws could be a bit larger, and Torx would be a good idea to prevent that tiny wrench from slipping or stripping. Then you install two more tiny set screws fore and aft, meant to angle and lock the base itself up or down so when you mount your sight you have full adjustment in any direction. All screws are degreased and Loctighted, and we'll see how reliable the mount is. Andrew's excellent Burris FastFire III, itself probably the best value in a great quality MRD, went on without issues. This Canik TP9SF with the SI GUM mounting plate and the Burris FFIII is perhaps the best value in a race-ready pistol that can be purchased today. The two mags and excellent BLACKHAWK!-type paddle holster the package comes with put it over the top.

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