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Riflescopeblog is written by Steven K. Ledin, OpticsPlanet’s Director of Product Intelligence. Follow Steve’s daring exploits as he shoots, travels, hunts, tests, teaches, modifies, and breaks the latest rifle scopes, red dots, lights, lasers and more. Get an insight into the corporate world of a professional gunbitch with a dose of his philosophical insight.

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13 Feb

Marshall’s M&P

Steven K. Ledin, Marshall’s M&P

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07 Feb

Hoppes #9 delivery vehicle 2.0

Steven K. Ledin, Hoppes #9 delivery vehicle 2.0

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06 Feb

Hoppes Delivery Vehicle 2.0

Steven K. Ledin, Hoppes Delivery Vehicle 2.0

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27 Mar

Canik TP9SF with Strike Industries GUM Universal Optics Mount

Steven K. Ledin, Canik TP9SF with Strike Industries GUM Universal Optics Mount


One of the best value combat pistols out there right now is the Canik TP9SF. A great pistol at a sub-$400.00 price tag that can do anything that my Glocks can do. A co-worker, Andrew, bought one with my recommendation and loves it, but wanted to install an MRD (Mini Red Dot). It is supposed to have a rear sight close to the same specs as a Glock. After a disappointing first purchase of a Glock mounting plate that was useless, we got a Strike Industries GUM mount that also has a dovetail cut for a Glock. It's their universal optics …

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08 Sep

Feathered Rockets from Field to Belly

Steven K. Ledin, Feathered Rockets from Field to Belly

Many things happen when I go dove hunting. My gun gets dirty, my wallet gets lighter, ammo companies prosper, and I bring home a bird or two. I went dove hunting last week.

I used an H&K imported Fabarms Red Lion Competition with fancy accenting woods, ported carbon fiber wrapped barrel, with adjustable comb and length of pull. I camo-taped it pretty well for protection in the field. It was born in about 2004, and I bought it for a song when working at Gander Mountain years ago because it was pretty, in its fitted case and giant wallet of …

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