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21 Mar

Keith Warren NEMO Javelinas, Great Equipment, and Cactus Whiskey

Steven K. Ledin, Keith Warren NEMO Javelinas, Great Equipment, and Cactus Whiskey

Took a little jaunt last week to visit Keith Warren in Texas to film some spots for his "High Road" TV show. He just got one of the awesome new NEMO semiautos in .300 Winchester, and called me up to help him choose appropriate accessories for it.  NEMO were the first folks to make the AR platform work with this big cartridge. Superbly built gun, not cheap, designed for ultra long range targets. I installed an outstanding  KFS Sierra 7 bipod. One of the great features of this Versapod sister company's products is …

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11 Mar

Why Poontang, Gobblers, and Dogs Don’t Mix

Steven K. Ledin, Why Poontang, Gobblers, and Dogs Don’t Mix

Spring turkey hunting has been a passion of mine for years. I like to think that the more I do things, the more experienced I become. But sometimes, familiarity breeds complacency.

I had harvested a number of birds over the years, and a friend's farm in Jo Davies county in Illinois, just a couple hours from my home promised another giant turkey. Jo Davies is one of the most successful deer and turkey counties in Illinois. I was looking forward to an easy hunt. I had deer hunted there before and knew the land. Not too steep. Didn't have to …

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20 Feb

Leupold CDS Dial

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11 Feb

COSS Show, OP.50 Redux, Best Part of Vegas

Steven K. Ledin, COSS Show, OP.50 Redux, Best Part of Vegas

I had to choose a cross-section of products to display at our first show event, the Chicagoland Outdoor Sports Show (COSS). One of the main attractions was to be the OP.50. I built it originally for display, not any kind of real use. But forces prevailed upon me to make it visible for this venue. The above picture shows it as the main attraction in our front foyer. When I took it down off the custom brackets made from flat screen TV brackets, It started to fall apart. Disintegrate, really. I had to restake the suppressor, the gas block, the …

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06 Feb

SHOT Show Vegas 2014

Steven K. Ledin, SHOT Show Vegas 2014

The Monday night after our Media Day shoot we showered off the dust and smoke, had a nice meal, then got a good night's sleep in preparation for our Super Bowl, the SHOT Show.

The SHOT Show is the country's largest gathering of Gun Monkeys and all related equipment. 1600 companies exhibited on 13 acres, with 67,000 attendees. If you were to visit every booth there, you would have, over 4 days, about 30 seconds at each one. You have to plan your attack accordingly. I usually haul ass and take notes, go straight, turn left, go straight, turn right, and repeat until I …

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04 Feb

Media Day at SHOT Show Vegas 2014

Steven K. Ledin, Media Day at SHOT Show Vegas 2014

Media day at SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade show) Show is always at an outdoor range the Monday before the show opens on Tuesday. We are media because of this Riflescope Blog, and Gear Expert, for which we film various videos. The above photo depicts one side of the range early Monday before it got busy. We get to go to any manufacturer's tents we care to and shoot what they have. Generally mostly new firearms are there for use.

Shot the new Benelli Ethos. Loved it. It will be proven …

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10 Jan

SHOT Show 2014

Steven K. Ledin,

See some of you in Vegas!…

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27 Dec

Google Glass and Gunsights

Steven K. Ledin,

Check out the new prescription lens offerings from Wetley! Then buy here at OpticsPlanet!…

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12 Dec

EOTech Millionth Sight Part 2

Steven K. Ledin, EOTech Millionth Sight Part 2

Dropped off my mulie to the butcher and got back in plenty of time to grab a bite and head back out. Sat on a hillside overlooking 50 or 60 elk. There were a few non-shootable bulls in the group. Not too cold, but a long and sweaty hike up the mountain.

Slept with Chica the dog again last night. More like home. I loaded up my gear for preparation of temperatures promising to be in the single digits the next morning, but when we woke it was still almost 40 degrees. We started up the mountain and spotted about 150 …

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27 Nov

Millionth Sight Elk at Jumping Horse Ranch with Montana Way Outfitters Part 1

Steven K. Ledin, Millionth Sight Elk at Jumping Horse Ranch with Montana Way Outfitters Part 1

The first morning of the hunt is the time when you find out what will be and might be expected of you, mostly in physicality, but also in clothing and gear. You don't know the exact terrain you'll be hunting in, how you will get there, how hard it will be to walk, how long will you be walking like that. Add temperature extremes and extreme daily temperature fluctuation, with or without snow or rain and traction, and the clothing factor plays significantly.

The first morning at Jumping Horse Ranch with Montana Way Outfitters was darn comfortable. Nice bed, bathroom, breakfast. A history …

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