21 Apr

>Hoppes Elite Scent-Free Gun Cleaner

Steven K. Ledin,

>The last time I used my laundry room to clean lots of guns I got hurt. A bit because I inhaled too many different kinds of solvents with poor ventilation, a bit because the chemicals burned my skin, but mostly because Shirley cuffed me upside the head for stinking up and soiling her laundry room with my flotsam and jetsam. The next time I need to use the laundry room I’ll use Hoppes Elite gun cleaner. It is biodegradable, nonhazardous, scent free, and works well. If you have to clean your guns in a dangerous area like your wife’s laundry room or kitchen, keep in mind that not all solvents and cleaners are hazardous, but most women are.

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