14 Apr

>Aimpoint and Swedish Bikini Team

Steven K. Ledin,

>How would you like to own the exact same personal weapon sight issued to our military? Over 500,000 Aimpoint reflex sights are currently in use by U.S. troops. In 2006, the U.S. Army ran a series of tests to see if there was another sight that was better than the current Aimpoint in use. When the tests were completed, an Aimpoint sight was once again proven to be the best available, and a contract for another 168,000 was approved.

Soldiers, law enforcement professionals, hunters, and competitive shooters have known for decades that Aimpoint products have the fastest target acquisition, the most rugged design, and the ability to function in the most extreme environments. Each sight is hand built in Sweden, assigned an individual identification number and rigorously tested during numerous quality control checks in accordance with ISO 9000 standards of quality. Aimpoint products are world class.

The Swedish Aimpoint manufacturing environment is similar to a laboratory with highly trained experts building red dot sights by hand using the latest optical / mechanical production equipment. The components are ultrasonically cleaned and assembled in a clean environment. This is why Aimpoint can offer a generous warranty with its products.

The sight on a gun should improve and simplify the aiming process. Aimpoint sights can be used with both eyes open, and your field of view is unlimited at any distance. Eye relief is also unlimited, so your eye’s position behind the sight does not affect how well you see the target or the aiming point. The bright red dot is very easy to see and your eye instinctively aligns it with your target. Unlike the lenses in cheaper red dot sights, Aimpoint’s lenses transmit nearly 100% of all wavelengths of light. This means that colors appear neutral and are not distorted. Because of Aimpoint’s unique double lens system, the sights are parallax free, meaning that no matter where on the lens you see the dot reflected, your point of aim will be your point of impact.

Aimpoint sights are reflex sights, not holographic sights. The holographic sights are less performant in terms of battery life, and the laser may be dangerous to the eyes if the lens breaks.

Aimpoint sights have batteries that last nearly 50,000 hours (on a setting of 7 out of 10)! That is 49,000 more hours than competitive sights! This is not a misprint!

Shots that have to be fired with little time to think are always difficult. At these times it doesn’t matter if the range is long or short or if the target is standing still or moving. It is in such situations that Aimpoint proves its superiority over all other sights.

For 30 years, quality-minded users have relied on Aimpoint products for professional and sporting uses. The complete, extensive Aimpoint product line is offered by Optics Planet, and it enables consumers the opportunity to choose the item which best fits their application. When only the best will do, quality-minded users choose Aimpoint.

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