04 Apr

>Leupold VX-III and Dual Dovetails for a Remington 700 CDL

Steven K. Ledin,

>A customer bought a Remington 700 Classic Deluxe in 30-06 and wanted to know what to put on it for all his deer-type hunting. Whether it be caribou in the Arctic, mule deer out West, or whitetails on the plains, I use Leupold VX-III 3.5-10×40 matte scopes and Leupold Dual Dovetail rings and bases. There are brighter scopes in the same price range on the market, but none that give me the satisfaction and peace of mind of the proven reliability of these scopes, and the brand in particular. This is based on thousands I’ve sold over the counter in the retail world. I know what breaks and what doesn’t because I have to deal with the customers and the returns. You get what you pay for. Regarding bases with windage screws; Why? All new guns will shoot straight enough for you not to have to adjust your scope one way or another too much, and two more parts means two more chances for something to go wrong. I’ve seen it many times. There are many reasons to buy cheap scopes, and God knows I have many, and they are put to use in what I consider appropriate ways, but important hunts require great equipment without shortcuts. Spend the money and you won’t cry all the way home because your scope or mounts failed at the worst possible time.

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