30 May

>Burris XTS-135 and 235 Xtreme Tactical Speeddot and M4s

Steven K. Ledin,

>We’ve been getting lots of traffic lately regarding Burris’ new XTS-135 and 235 Xtreme Tactical Speeddots. The Speeddots seem to be well built, and although they’re pretty new offerings, the initial responses by users are positive. The most common question about the new red dots is the mounting height of the scope on flattop rifles. Lower rings are preferred for most bolt action rifles, but the black guns have to have sights from an inch to an inch and a half high so your eye is comfortably positioned above the stock. Too low and you can’t get your face down low enough to see, and too high and your cheek isn’t even on the stock. A great choice for a ring for this application is the Burris Xtreme Tactical ring #420167. It’s just high enough for a good cheek weld, and very solidly mounted with a hex nut. It also uses six screws to clamp your scope. We’ll be selling a lot of these.

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