06 Jun

>Leupold Custom Shop Scopes for Father’s Day

Steven K. Ledin,

>Must be that time. Lots of people are buying Leupold Custom Shop Scopes for Father’s day these last couple weeks. The Leupold Custom Shop has been busy building made-to-order scopes for dads around the country. Many orders came across my desk today. Some with simple initials on caps, some with custom reticles and bullet drop compensators for favorite guns and loads. It’s pretty obvious that dad was involved in many of them. It’s doubtful that Squeaky voiced mom or sister would know the trajectory of a 7STW at 10,000 feet elevation or a parallax correction on a competition scope. Some do, that’s for sure, but mostly it’s the guys. I’ve even had a couple men order for their ladies. Orders take a while to be made, so order in plenty of time.

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