24 May

>Chuck’s Remington and New VX-III and Stuff

Steven K. Ledin,

>My friend and veterinarian Chuck told me he’s going on a pronghorn hunt this fall and asked me for advice. Chuck hunts lots of waterfowl and doesn’t have any experience with rifles or big game hunting to speak of. His dad’s hand-me-down Remington 700 is decades old and probably has under a box of 30-06 cartridges through it. The gun is in great condition and is ready to go as-is, but me being me needed to modify it a bit. It’s in a bunch of pieces in my gun room at the moment. Iron sights are not needed. Lose ’em. Bore needs to be lapped and muzzle recrowned for the hell of it. Install new Leupold Dual Dovetail bases. The rings will be lapped and will hold a new Leupold 3.5-10×40 VX-III. Butler Creek caps. Uncle Mike’s buttstock shell carrier and Quick Carry sling. New foam for his Pelican 1750 gun case. I gave him some instruction in my basement range with a Beeman air rifle, put together a care package with the gun and pellets and sent him on his way to practice. There’s no substitute for trigger time, and a quality spring piston airgun is the best way to get it besides going to a range with recoil and ammo money. More to come.

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