21 May

>Fobus for Action Pistol

Steven K. Ledin,

>Dusted off a Fobus paddle holster and a Glock 22 with Trijicon sights yesterday for an NRA Action Pistol match. This was the first time I shot Action Pistol instead of IPSC. The course was as follows: 6 at 7 yards, reload and 6 in a total of 20 seconds. 6 at 15, reload and 6 in 25 seconds. 6 at 25 yards, reload and 6 in 35 seconds. 6 at 50 yards, reload and 6 in two minutes. You must draw from the holster for the first three stages and shoot standing. The fourth stage you may go prone after drawing. I cleaned the first string with 11xs and a 10, but went down from there. One of my strengths in IPSC is my speed, which is not taken into account in Action Pistol. Nor is caliber or physical prowess. Fun nevertheless. My equipment was perfect, although the day dawned cold and rainy. Next match I’ll shoot two times, one with a wheelgun and one with a custom 1911. My scores should improve. Check out your local clubs for matches. You don’t have to be a good shooter or have a fancy gun or equipment. You just have to listen to directions and be safe. Even when I don’t shoot very well I still have a lot of fun, and you shoot for a purpose, unlike most plinking.

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