18 Jun

>Krebs Custom 1911 for NRA Action Pistol

Steven K. Ledin,

>Another day dawned beautifully for an outdoor match. I shot a Krebs Custom 1911 for NRA Action Pistol. First stage I cleaned, second stage my gun locked up three times and I dropped seven rounds. I was using Federal Gold Medal Match to shoot the close stages because I didn’t have enough full loads to finish two matches with. My Krebs Custom is set up for full loads and the spring was too strong to cycle the gun with target loads. My fault. Stupid. The rest of the course went well and I finished fine. On my second full run I only dropped four or five and will place well. Results will be in in a few days. I was going to use a Bianchi speed rig or a Fobus but in the end opted for an Uncle Mike’s nylon holster and a couple of Uncle Mike’s double mag pouches. The Glock mag pouches work great for 1911 magazines positioned sideways. The flaps are velcro’d in and are removeable. Cheap rigs that work very well.

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