20 Jun

>Leupold Rifle Scope with BDC for 30-378

Steven K. Ledin,

>Customer wanted to order a Custom Leupold rifle scope with a bullet drop compensator. He was waiting to take delivery of his Weatherby Mark V and wanted a new 8.5-25 x50 Mark IV scope set up for it. The problem was that he didn’t know what ammo he’d be shooting. The three different weights and types of bullets offered by Weatherby not only have different ballistic coefficients and fly with significantly different trajectories at long distance, but he would also be shooting in the high Montana mountains late in the year in the cold. He didn’t know how his gun would like the loads, either. Often a gun will prefer a type or two over others. Some just shoot like crap out of a particular gun. You just have to shoot them and see. The very next gun off the assembly line might group tightly with a load that the previous one hates.

As a solution and a way to get him what he wants without wasting money, he will take delivery of the gun and shoot the two loads best suited to his quarry using another scope. Whatever shoots the best will be the load he sets up the BDC on his riflescope for, including the temperature and elevation information.

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