25 Jun

>Stoney Point Bags for Sighting In

Steven K. Ledin,

>Took a while to get results from last Sunday’s Action Pistol match, but I was High Match Master in the third round. To sight in a pistol at 50 yards requires a solid rest, and I usually use sandbags. Good shooting bags are made by a lot of companies, and Stoney Point is one of them. The front bag #FSFB-25 should be a staple in everybody’s shooting gear, and is used with any kind of firearm from a rested position. A rear bag helps tremendously when used properly and is squeezed for elevation adjustments. A good sand bag can last for years when cared for. These Stoney Point sandbags are filled with polypropylene pellets instead of sand. They weigh less and don’t retain moisture as sand can.

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