22 Jun

>Nikon 4X Rifle Scopes

Steven K. Ledin,

>There are good reasons to use a fixed four power riflescope. Fewer parts means less chances for the scope to fail or lose zero over time. Years ago when variable power scopes first came on the market these were very real concerns. Variable power scopes also commonly had different points of impact throughout their power range. As technology and manufacturing techniques advanced, these problems became less of a concern. Today, there is no reason to expect a quality scope to have different points of impact over their power range, and losing zero is not a real concern, either. That being said, the KISS principle still draws as much water as it ever did, and the wide field of view offered by a 4x riflescope as well as the large exit pupil make these a very attractive choice for many shooters.

The Buckmaster line offers enthusiasts a couple of choices in a Nikon 4x rifle scope, and it may seem that price is the only difference. The Nikon 6405 has been around for a while and is a steal at under a hundred and thirty bucks. The Nikon 6400 is the newer version and retails for about forty bucks more. The difference is that the 6400 has finger adjustable click adjustments and a fast-focus eyepiece, as opposed to the 6405 that needs a coin to adjust points of impact and has a standard eyepiece. Quality is the same on both. These are very good examples of fixed power scopes that may serve most purposes.

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