12 Jun

>Using the Leupold Boone and Crocket Reticle

Steven K. Ledin,

>Customer just called bitching because he expected his Leupold Boone and Crockett reticle to be spot on with his 30-06 hunting gun up to 500 yards. I told him it’s not likely, but he didn’t want to know why. He didn’t want to shoot his gun, he just wanted the stadia lines perfectly in sync with his bullet holes at lasered distances. Bonehead. He wouldn’t understand that most reticles of this type are for groups of cartridges, not specific cartridges, and not for his specific gun, but for many different types of guns. The only way to be spot on with your stadia lines is to shoot the gun at longer and longer distances until your point of impact coincides with said lines. Laser rangefind and write them down, or like I do, affix them to your scope one way or another. Even then, keep in mind that variables like elevation and temperature will make a difference. Shoot your gun before your hunt, especially after baggage handling or in different conditions.

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