11 Jun

>Simmons Pro Hunter 6-24 Rifle Scope on Remington 788

Steven K. Ledin,

>I took Chuck to the range yesterday for some trigger time. A pleasant surprise was how well we both liked my Simmons Pro Hunter 6-24 rifle scope on my Remington 788. The 788 was a boring looking underappreciated very accurate rifle with nine locking lugs on the back of the bolt. It was discontinued because of production costs. They shoot like crazy, and mine in 22-250 is no exception. With its favorite factory load it consistently prints sub minute groups hot or cold, dirty or clean. The stock has Brownell’s black crinkle paint on it and looks good and has a tactile feel. The scope worked great. I just got this scope and put it on using Weaver rings and bases. It adjusted reliablly and was sufficiently clear and crisp. The side parallax knob worked well and the marked yardages were accurate. This gun is one of the few guns I abuse terribly and it is an honest reliable gun with hundreds of critters to its name. Chuck is probably taking it pronghorn hunting with him in case some dog towns need thinning. The scope is a perfect match to the gun and I think I’ll let it stay mounted there for the foreseeable future.

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