11 Jul

>Browning Flashlights

Steven K. Ledin,

>Browning flashlights are now orderable from OpticsPlanet. As a hunter and outdoorsman, I know that all Browning products are well thought out and designed by folks that actually use them. All Browning outdoor products are top quality and compare with anything made. Some years ago I was invited to Browning in Morgan, Utah for a week or so for training. I was a Browning Archery Staff Shooter at the time. Everything about the trip was second to none. We built things, shot things, broke things. Learned more about clothing design. Gun cases. Bows. Guns. Everything. I flyfished a bit in the Great Ogden river. Went to the John Moses Browning museum. This was when the Chicago Bulls won their last championship against the Utah Jazz. I wore my Bulls shirt and got into a bit of trouble at a local watering hole when Michael Jordan hit the winning shot. The Browning cafeteria served me Chicago Bull burgers. They wanted to use me as a target. I don’t blame them. But the research and development team was second to none, and almost everyone I had contact with was a hunter or outdoorsman. These folks live for this stuff. It shows in the quality and innovation of Browning products. The Browning Tactical flashlight line shows forward thinking with the latest technology. This line is new, and will shortly take over lots of sales from other established companys. We will shortly have Browning clothing and accessories available also.

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