09 Jul

>Hunting Accessories for All

Steven K. Ledin,

>OpticsPlanet has tons of hunting accessories available, from custom designed Surefire flashlights to Browning clothing and rifle slings. Here is one accessory we don’t carry that I thought some of you might get a kick out of. Click on this LINK and watch the 20 second video. I carry a small pocket knife and a bit of string for this procedure and have never been lacking, but some folks need gadgets. GPS units have pretty much replaced compasses, but a compass will always work without satellites and batteries. Dry boxes and targets are available, along with prescription glasses and rifle scopes to enable you to better see your quarry. Regarding the video link, I’ll bet that’ll smart if you’re not quite dead. I hear they did similar things to people during the inquisition, but since plastic wasn’t around yet they most likely didn’t use this exact product.

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