31 Jul

>Shotgun Scopes for Deer

Steven K. Ledin,


Shotgun scopes for deer are more popular every year. Slugs and guns shoot more accurately, greatly increasing the effective maximum range. The range is further enhanced by your ability to see your target clearly through a magnified rifle scope. Maximum ranges of 75 to 100 yards just a couple decades ago have doubled, and are getting farther every year with new technology. A scope for a rifled slug gun should have a few attributes. Long eye relief, important in preventing scope eye. A reasonable parallax correction distance. Most are 75 yards, and shooting closer or farther will have minimal effect. And low power, allowing for a wide field of view. You can always shoot far with low power, but you can’t shoot close at high power. A 3-9 variable riflescope set a 3 power will give you a wide field of view for close shots, and if you need to turn it up for farther shots you generally have time. The Nikon Omega has been the star the last couple years and has proven to be a top performer. The SlugHunter version should be out shortly. The Leupold VX-1 2-7 and 3-9 are also reasonably priced and are strong enough for any job. Sight in with the ammo you’re going to hunt with, and good luck this season.

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