27 Jul

>Aimshot Universal Laser Boresighter

Steven K. Ledin,


The Aimshot universal laser boresighter is an easy to use product that can save you time, pain, and money. Time because you won’t be wasting it trying to put a bullet through paper when you don’t even know which way to adjust. Pain, because why beat yourself up with the unnecessary firing of high recoiling guns just to adjust a rifle scope. Money, because time and cartridges are expensive. With the Aimshot laser boresighters you simply insert a laser with the appropriate collar into your gun and adjust your scope to the red dot coming out of your bore at a distance of at least 25 yards. The .223 laser accepts most collars for centerfires, and various collars are inexpensive for use with the same .223 laser. Keep in mind that this bore sighter or any boresighter will not sight in your gun, it’s just a starting point for you to actually shoot your exact cartridge and sight in by firing. Boresighters do save time, pain, and money, though.

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