23 Jul

>Swarovski Z6 Rifle Scopes

Steven K. Ledin,


Swarovski Z6 rifle scopes are causing quite a buzz in the optics industry, being one of the first, and certainly the best known manufacturer able to offer an incredible 6 times zoom on a riflescope. This makes it even easier to purchase a scope able to comfortably handle shots close and far with equal ease. A favorite Z6 model of mine will zoom from a low of 1.7 power to a maxumum of 10 power, and another model goes from two power to twelve. The Z6 1.7-10×42 weighs in at 16.6 ounces, and the Z6 2-12×50 tips the scales at only 18.7, both of them quite reasonable and comparable to other rifle scopes without the wide magnification range of the Z6s. There are also illuminated reticle versions of the Z6 available such as the Z6i 1-6×24 with 4.72 inches of extended eye relief and they are appropriately called the Z6i. The “High Grid” technology used in Swarovski illuminated rifle scopes is attractively built into the eyepiece and is unobtrusive, allowing maximum use of peripheral vision. The scopes are waterproof and are available with several different reticle styles as well as a rail option for mounting. Swarovski riflescopes are arguably the brightest scopes made. Austrian world class products.

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