25 Jul

>Galco Holsters

Steven K. Ledin,


We’ve been adding Galco holsters to our website as fast as we can, and a large variety of them will be in stock at any time. I’ve been using their top quality products for years, and have even had occasion to send one back for repair through no fault of the manufacturing, just my stupidity. Customer service was excellent, and it came back in a couple days. The people making Galco holsters obviously take pride in their job because the details and quality control are superb. The new Matrix line promises to take a large market share of molded synthetic holsters, and they are extremely well thought out and reasonably priced. The cowhide and horsehide holsters have exquisite stitching, and just smell them to get an idea of the quality. No south of the border dog skin here. Indeed, exotic holster materials like ostrich and sharkskin are available for the well-heeled. Fashionable Galco Purses are available for the ladies, dog collars and leashes for your best friend, and belts that will last until your belly grows too large. Galco has made some of my favorite holsters, and they will last a lifetime.

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