20 Aug

>Leupold LX Mount Systems

Steven K. Ledin,


The Leupold LX mount system is a high end quick detachable unit designed for just a handful of guns, mainly those that may be used for dangerous game. Of course they fit Remingtons and Winchesters, but also Mausers, Kimbers, and Dakotas, all in long action. They are the quickest to remove I have ever seen. The price tag will also make you gasp. These are not for the faint of heart. You need to buy the LX system with your choice of ring diameters, as well as a base for your gun. So you may have a rifle scope mounted on one gun and swap it between others with the push of a lever. It is a secure mount and is sleek and sexy. Switching the scope from one gun to another takes only a couple seconds. It’s a classy Leupold mount for classy guns and shooters.

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