22 Aug

>Alpen Kodiak Scopes and Extension Rings

Steven K. Ledin,


A customer wanted to know if he would need extension rings to mount the Alpen Kokiak rifle scope on his gun. He had a Marlin 336 and was concerned about the ring spacing. The 30-30 is a short action cartridge and doesn’t need a lot of space between the rings. With Weaver style bases you need even less. If ring spacing is ever a concern, just go ahead and use extension rings as sold by just about every manufacturer. The Alpen Kodiak is an entry level scope, and the customer didn’t have a lot of money to spend. It should work fine for him in this application as long as he knows he gets what he pays for. The magnification level is fine for a short range brush gun, and I would rather have just about any kind of cheap scope that I could see through that iron sights that I can’t even see. I would certainly bring appropriate tools to remove any cheap scope that failed me so at least I have back up irons, though.

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