24 Aug

>Nikon Omega for Muzzleloaders

Steven K. Ledin,


I wasn’t chosen in the lottery by the DNR this year for my two shotgun deer permits in my chosen Illinois county. I put in again for a muzzleloader permit, and shouldn’t have a problem. I’m considering a new shootin’ iron this year, and of course new glass for it. I’ve been thinking about a Nikon Omega 3-9×40 with their useful BDC reticle. This reticle has circles instead of lines, and is set for a particular load out of the Thompson Center Omega rifle, although it can really be used for anything you want simply by determining points of impact with your specific setup. It has plenty of eye relief, and is bright and clear. It’s reasonably priced, won’t break the bank, and it is typical Nikon quality. I still have to make up my mind, but it certainly is one of my final choices.

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