03 Aug

>Red Dot Sights and Rifles

Steven K. Ledin,


A customer asked if it would be okay to put a red dot sight on a rifle. He asked because they were usually advertised for use on shotguns and handguns. This is true, but there is no reason you can’t use them on a rifle. Most rifles are capable of shooting into a couple inch group at a hundred yards. The dot on most red dot sights will cover three or four inches, thereby making your rifle much less accurate. If you’re only shooting at a hundred yards or closer at vital areas the size of a pie plate, that’s not a problem. Good choice, because an extra inch or two in group size will still get the job done. Having these large dots on rifles that are used to shoot much farther than that is simply not a good idea. A magnified scope is a much better choice, not only because it makes your target appears larger, but because your crosshair covers up a very small amount of your target, and allows you to have more precise shot placement.

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