07 Aug

>Slug Guns and Bushnell HOLOsights

Steven K. Ledin,


People are starting to feel the first tinges of hunting season about now. Not because of the weather, but because we haven’t had a hunting season around for a while. Hopefully we’ve been at the local range a time or two or at least put a fresh coat of goop on our shootin’ irons. Deer hunting kind of started a month or two ago when we put in for our permits. Here in Illinois we are confined to our slug guns. Too populous for rifles, say the ignorant rule makers. But slug guns are fine and shoot better all the time. A sight that I regularly recommend is the Bushnell HOLOsight XLP. The original HOLOsight #510021 is made and assembled by EOTech for Bushnell. The XLP models still include electronics and glass from EOTech, but they are assembled in Japan. All three are extremely good products and tough as nails. They are holographic sights with up to 100 hours of battery life and 15 or 20 reticle brightness levels depending on the unit. The 530027 has an integral base to fit over the receiver of a Remington 1100/11-87/870, and the one minute dot gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a particularly good gun and ammo combination for longer distance shots. These are dependable products that serve the slug hunter well.

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