10 Aug

>Swarovski AV 3-10×42 Rifle Scope with TDS

Steven K. Ledin,


For those of you looking for new glass to compliment a new gun, or folks who need an upgrade, I want to tell you about one of my all time favorites. For big game hunting purposes one of the best I have ever used is the Swarovski AV 3-10×42 with a TDS reticle. The AV means “American”, and uses a one inch tube. The whole package weighs just under 13 ounces, and is so clear and bright it’s shocking. If you’re used to non-European optics, you need to see what some of these folks can do. This is Austrian quality at it’s best. The TDS reticle is a hold-over type reticle that is unobtrusive and useful. To find the distances the stadia lines are set for there is a chart, or you may call Swarovski for specifics. Of course, like any BDC lines, you have to actually shoot the gun with your given loads to confirm and adjust yardage. This rifle scope leaves nothing to be desired, and is a world-class offering from a world-class company.

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