07 Aug

>Night Vision Scope for Airguns and .22s

Steven K. Ledin,


U.S. Night Vision has developed a night vision scope with a 3/8″ base that is rugged enough for adult spring piston airguns. It will certainly also work on paintball guns and softair guns. Spring piston airguns destroy most non-airgun rated scopes in short order, mainly due to internal components not being sealed for the vicious two-way recoil these guns generate. The U.S. Night Vision D 143 is made to hold up under these demanding conditions. It was designed with external windage and elevation adjustments to minimize internal moving parts. The mount holds secure under all normal conditions, and is perfect for any .22 rimfire used for night time pest control. The scope is inexpensive, but could pay for itself in fun in short order, besides being a useful tool to help cull the marauding rodent herds.

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