12 Sep

>5.11 Boots for Hunting

Steven K. Ledin,


I’m currently breaking in a new pair of boots for my upcoming antelope hunt in Wyoming in a couple weeks. They’re light and supportive enough for my needs over rocks and tough terrain, and I love the side zippers. I chose the #12110 ATAC boots in Coyote Tan. Hunters and hikers should not overlook so called “tactical” boots just because they aren’t marketed for hunting and hiking. These are as good of a boot as I have seen so far. I have lots of very good (read expensive) boots, and these will match the quality of any. In a couple of previous jobs as buyer (among other duties) I have purchased thousands of pairs over the last couple decades, so I am familiar with hard-use footwear. I’m also quite surprised at the comfort and the minimum break-in required.

5.11 Tactical has done an excellent job with this product.

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