17 Sep

>Sighting In

Steven K. Ledin,


Went to my range Saturday with only one gun instead of an arsenal. Had work to do. I’m leaving in a week for pronghorn and mounted a new scope. I put a Swarovski AV 4-12×50 in medium rings. The medium rings give me just enough barrel clearance to work. If you ask me what rings for a 50mm lens I’ll tell you highs. Mediums must be tried for fit. Barrel contour makes all the difference. Scope caps need to be cut and taped for clearance. I lapped the Leupold Dual Dovetail rings with Iosso paste and an old Harley handlebar. I’ve been using this handlebar for years. It’s hard chrome and measures .9997 and is perfect for lapping rings. I have about fifty rounds of the original 10 box case that I’ve been shooting in this Howa 1500 around the world, and these 180 grain Nosler Partitions shoot great and have never failed me. I put up a shotgun patterning target with four sight-in targets around it. Started with a clean and tight gun and aimed for the center of the targets. I used my Leupold boresighter first, and the first shot was 14″ low and 4″ right at 100 yards. I dialed the adjustment to be two inches high at 100 yards and put the next shot right there. I never touched the turrets again. I practiced with an old box of Sears’ Ted Williams ammo I had laying around that is older than me. It shot fine. I’ll be out again this week to sight in with my hunting ammo. I’ll start packing soon and cut the foam in my Pelican 1750 case for my gear.

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