21 Sep

>Leaving to Hunt Sunday

Steven K. Ledin,


The guns runs good. I’m getting 1 1/2″ groups two inches high at 100 yards sitting with the bipod. Good enough. Nikon 1200 rangefinder is great. Swarovski scope has my yardage dope pasted to it. I only have access to a 100 yard range so I’ll fine tune in Wyoming. I should be perfectly zeroed at 200. At the range last week I cut my trigger finger reassembling a bolt someone took apart. Then I came home and cut my left pinky choosing a knife for the hunt. Sunday looks like thunderstorms out there, Monday calls for a snowstorm, Monday night a thunderstorm. My 5.11 boots are fantastic, as are the rest of their clothes I’ll be wearing. Things are green for go and I’m ready.

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