31 Mar

>2008 Training Schedule

Steven K. Ledin,

>OpticsPlanet strives to furnish constant, meaningful product education for our sales/customer service agents and other related job titles in an effort to provide a better understanding of our products. This relates directly to the experience our customers get when ordering, and it’s my job to see that this happens. Our Senior Product Specialist, Jne, will teach some non-gun-related classes, and as a professional educator, we use her classes as a template for others. Ryan will teach a couple, and the balance goes to me. This is what it looks like so far:

Binoculars 101
Riflescopes 101
Red dot sights 101
Riflescope mounts 101
Binoculars 201
Spotting scopes 101
Holsters 101
Night vision 101
Night vision 201
Radar guns 101
Laser rangefinders 101
Telescopes 101
Telescopes 102
Microscopes 101

I wish a lot of you readers could attend these basic classes. They’re a lot of fun, and the tests at the end of these classes are graded and used for annual review purposes. Each employee will have to learn the basics, and be able to use them in their every day dealings with our customers. This is a very positive program.

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