09 Apr

>Riflescope Recoil Ratings

Steven K. Ledin,


A customer asked the other day for recoil ratings on a few different scopes. For the most part, there aren’t any. Some manufacturers will say that they take “1000 thumpings with a .375 H&H”, or rated to .454 Casull, but this is largely marketing hype. What is the weight of the gun? Who determines what recoil factor this is? Manufacturers also do not test for recoil the same way. The best way to determine recoil resistance of a scope without bells and whistles is price and reputation. Why do most rifles in gun magazines wear a few certain brands of riflescope? This is not hype. Some people use a variety of different products all the time and know what breaks. This is how a reputation is formed. Don’t put tons of faith in recoil ratings if you can find them.

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