09 Dec

>FastFire on Flattop AR

Steven K. Ledin,


The latest equipment on my black gun is my varmint set up, with a change or two. I installed a Leupold VX-III 4.5-14×50 in a pair of Burris XTR rings. This superb quality scope gives this half inch gun the capability to hit very small targets as far as I can see them, certainly in the several hundred yard range. The rugged 6 screw XTR rings are rock solid, and with the one inch height give me an optical center of 1.5 inches, which is perfect for a comfortable cheek weld. In place of the rear ring I installed the Burris XTR Picatinny ring top which has a moulded in mount for accessories. The accessory I installed is one of the highest quality red dots I know of… the Docter mini red dot. This sight uses Zeiss glass, and under it I have a weaver base made by Burris. The Burris FastFire mounts interchange with the Docter sight. The Burris FastFire sight is a quality sight that will work almost equally well for a lot less money. With this set up, the dot clears the objective bell cleanly, and with just a slight repositioning of my head gives me a clear sight picture for the unexpected close shot for sneaky dogs. This set up with a scope with smaller magnification is also ideal for close quarter defensive work, with the opportunity to use variable magnification for longer shots. I like this set up quite a lot for my current purposes.

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