02 Dec

>Leupold Reticles

Steven K. Ledin,


There’s a lot of misinformation out there about Leupold reticles. Even a google search states that most are wire. Not true. This was mostly true many years ago, but technology grows. All Leupold illuminated reticles are etched. All Mk IV, and VX-III, and VX-L, mildot, Boone & Crockett, and Varmint Hunter’s reticles are etched. The Duplex is not wire, either. It is a metal form stamping made out of a single, solid piece of steel. About the only wire reticles left are the CPC, target crosshair, and target dot. Not that it makes much difference; it really doesn’t for most of us for most applications. Keep in mind that the etched reticles add another lens, also. It is a glass lens, very thin and not much bigger in diameter than a turret dial. This piece of glass is coated appropriately as the other lenses in the particular system are, Index Matched or not. It also has an anti static coating on it. Leupold scopes are among the most reliable optical systems made, period. I rely on them regularly, and they are worth every penny. Keep a look out for some very exciting new improvements and options on the 2009 line I can’t talk about yet. Recently, the Leupold mandated MAP (minimum advertised price) has been removed on the VX-III and VX-L scopes, making them superb deals until they are gone and the new ones have taken their place. They make great Christmas gifts!

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